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Sedation Dentistry in Tampa, FL

“I know what a panic attack feels like, and it is scary

My belief is that if I can help someone feel better and have a wonderful dental experience, I have done my job as a compassionate healthcare provider.”

Dr. Sarah Jockin

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Dental Anxiety Is Hurting Your Teeth and Gums

Are you someone who makes dental appointments and cancels them because of fear?

Have you avoided going to the dentist for years?

Does the thought of the dentist give cause excessive stress?

We understand.


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Many people suffer from dental phobia (dentophobia)We are here to help

Our goal is to put you and your needs first through:

  • Compassionate care.
  • Gentle treatments.
  • Personalized solutions.
  • Sedation dentistry options.

Experience the Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

  • You can finally relax at the dentist.
  • You can get treatment for your dental issues.
  • You can be sure your teeth and gums are healthy.
  • You can be a better role model for your children.

Calming, Practical Solutions Through Sedation Dentistry