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Root Canal in Tampa, FL

Root Canals Are Not Painful Living with a Tooth Infection Is

Root canal therapy has a negative reputation of being long, arduous and painful treatment. The truth is that they can actually be comfortable, and are an excellent method of alleviating pain due to an infection.

About Root Canals

A root canal may be needed when a tooth becomes infected because of a fracture, crack or advanced tooth decay. If left untreated, infection can cause a tooth abscess which affects the roots and nerves. Minor discomfort can lead to extreme pain, swelling and risk of tooth and bone loss.

Signs of an Infected Tooth

Your health and comfort are our top priority. The team at Lake Park Dental are skilled in performing root canal treatments and also provide molar endodontics. If you believe you need a root canal, you can be confident our team will provide you with professional, comforting care. For those who are fearful or experience dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry services to help them relax throughout the entire procedure.

Signs of an Infected Tooth

Avoiding a Root Canal? You Might Be Risking Serious Complications