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Laser Gum Therapy to Treat Gum Disease in Tampa, FL

Laser Gum Disease Treatment No Cutting, No Stitches, Less Pain

Traditionally, gum surgery (such as osseous surgery) involves cutting and sutures. This leads to some patient concerns and complaints, including pain, the time it takes to heal and trauma to surrounding tissues.

Dr. Sarah Jockin has taken years of training and received credentials to deliver laser gum therapy to patients. This minimally-invasive alternative to gum surgery is a proven way to control the effects of gum disease with as little distress as possible.

Reduce the Risks of Gum Disease With Laser Gum Therapy

Why do we recommend laser gum therapy?

It helps reduce the risks of gum disease by…

giving you a comfortable, safe alternative to more invasive surgery choices…

allowing you to spend less time getting treatment for your mouth…

improving your chances of controlling your gum disease for life…

lessening the risk of losing teeth due to periodontal disease

Fear Is No Match for Laser Gum Therapy

Have you put off getting gum surgery or osseous surgery because you worried about pain? Laser gum therapy is minimally-invasive by nature, allowing you to feel more comfortable. Plus, our office offers a wide range of sedation dentistry choices to make your laser gum therapy session more relaxing, if needed.

Are You A Candidate for Laser Gum Surgery?

  • Do you have a fear of the dentist that is keeping you from getting treatment for your gum disease?
  • Is your gum disease advancing quickly because you have not had proper interventions?
  • Have you been told that you need gum surgery or osseous surgery before?