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IV Sedation Dentistry in Tampa, FL

IV Sedation Delivers Safe Relaxation for Patients With Dental Phobia

Do you have a high degree of dental anxiety? This is a common occurrence for people of all ages. At Lake Park Dental, Dr. Sarah Jockin offers IV sedation for those who experience high anxiety or have a fear of the dentist or dental procedures. Dr. Jockin is specially trained and earned credentials to administer IV sedation prior to and during treatments.

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I became certified to provide patients with IV sedation because I knew that some of them could never get the treatment they needed due to high levels of dental anxiety.

Dr. Sarah Jockin

When Is IV Sedation Prescribed?

IV sedation is typically used for those with dental anxiety and for more complex procedures, including:

Why IV Sedation Works for Patients With Dentophobia

  • Time seems to go by quickly, and some patients fall asleep.
  • It does not hurt to administer because the site is already numbed using other sedation dentistry techniques.
  • It takes away feelings of pain and worry.
  • Patients heal faster post-surgery because they are less agitated during treatment.
  • Patients usually forget what happened during the procedure.
  • Patients partner with Dr. Jockin beforehand to develop a thorough treatment plan, and then Dr. Jockin executes the plan as approved.

Common Questions

  • Will it Hurt? Sedation is like numbing for the brain to reduce anxiety. You are still able to feel sensations, but the treatment area is numbed for your enhanced comfort.
  • Will I be Asleep? Each individual is different, but many do fall asleep under sedation.
  • Will I Remember? Chances are you will not remember the appointment, but it depends on your specific situation.
  • Can I Trust You to do the Right Thing While I’m Sedated? We will stick to your agreed treatment plan, period. Even if you are alert and talking we cannot obtain informed consent to change a procedure while you are sedated. You are safe with Dr. Jockin and our team.