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Custom Dentures in Tampa, FL

The Secret to Natural-Looking, Comfortable Dentures? Customization

Many people turn to various other tooth replacement options because they believe dentures are unnatural looking and uncomfortable. This may be the case where true customization to each person’s unique mouth is missed. At Lake Park Dental, Dr. Sarah Jockin offers custom dentures, an exciting and natural-looking alternative to ill-fitting dentures.

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What Are You Missing When You Have Missing Teeth?

Without custom dentures, you may be missing out on…

  • being able to eat and speak comfortably and securely
  • feeling confident that your dentures will blend in with the shape of your jaw and face
  • improved appearance thanks to natural contouring of your face
  • or feeling no embarrassment when you smile

Get Customized Dentures Made Right at Our Dental Office

Lake Park Dental offers custom dentures that are made onsite at our in-house lab. This allows you to get the ultimate in personalization and discretion. There is no need for you to visit another office, you can trust us for well-fitted dentures.

Our Process for Making Customized Dentures

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Not a Good Candidate for Dental Implants? Talk to Us About Custom-Made Dentures!

If you do not have the bone support for dental implants or implant-stabilized dentures, or need dentures while you wait for your implant procedure, custom-made dentures may be the right fit. Talk to us at your next appointment about your needs.

Yes, We Repair Dentures, Too!

Are your current dentures in need of repair? Our in-house lab can help re-line your dentures. Contact us for more information.