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CEREC® Same-Day Restorations - Tampa, FL

Same-Day Crowns: Less Time at the Dentist, More Time Enjoying Your Beautiful, Healthy Smile

CEREC® equipment allows us to produce custom-created, high-quality same-day crowns and next-day custom bridges and implant crowns. It is the ultimate in convenience without compromising on excellence.

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Say Goodbye to Goopy Impressions and Temporary Crowns

CEREC® - Before Treatment - CEREC® - After Treatment -
CEREC® - Before Treatment - CEREC® - After Treatment -

Many patients feel inconvenienced with traditional crown and bridge treatment and the multiple visits needed to create one restoration. In addition, impression materials are “goopy” and uncomfortable.

CEREC crowns and bridges solve each of these problems:

  • CEREC® gets impressions using high-definition, 3-D digital software to make a map of your teeth. No traditional impressions are needed to get precise results.
  • CEREC® can make your individual crown during your two-hour appointment. This eliminates the need to wait days.
  • CEREC® uses high-quality ceramic-based materials to form your permanent crown or bridge. It looks and feels natural.
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Getting a Dental Implant Restoration Crown is Faster with CEREC®

Dental implant patients appreciate having CEREC® crowns, because they are made while they wait. Dr. Jockin can make an accurate map of the mouth and custom-create a dental implant crown that fits perfectly, functions ideally, and is ready within a day.