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Before Receiving Dental Implants - Tampa, FL

Begin Your Dental Implant Procedure with a Healthy Foundation

Prepare Your Mouth for Dental Implant Success

Before your dental implant surgery, it may be necessary to address some other issues that might be barriers to successful implantation. Dr. Sarah Jockin performs a variety of periodontal procedures in-house, so you can have convenient treatment in one office location. These procedures include:

  • Tooth Extractions – Sometimes, a tooth has to be removed because it is decayed, cracked or otherwise traumatized.
  • Bone Grafting – Bone loss due to reabsorption starts immediately after a tooth is lost. Bone grafting can help restore the bone density in and around the missing tooth.
  • Ridge Augmentation – This procedure repairs the contours of the gum line around the site of the missing tooth.
  • Sinus Augmentation/Lift – When you need more bone material in the area of your upper molars, a sinus augmentation (aka, sinus lift) can be a useful technique to build bone matter and strength.
  • Ridge Preservation – After a tooth extraction, ridge preservation techniques help reduce the immediate bone loss so the socket and surrounding gum line are healthy enough for implantation.
  • Piezosurgery® – This minimally-invasive surgical procedure uses special equipment to cut through hard tissues without damaging soft tissues. It is safe and can prep the area with limited trauma to the bone and soft tissues.

Dr. Jockin uses her extensive experience to solve any concerns in-house so your mouth is healthy enough for dental implants. Call today to arrange a time to talk to Dr. Jockin about your unique dental situation.

Advanced Techniques Help Speed Up Healing Time

During any type of dental surgery, Dr. Jockin utilizes a variety of high-tech equipment to achieve exceptional results. This includes the cone beam CT Scan. Want to know more about this amazingly accurate tool?

After surgical procedures, Dr. Jockin uses Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) to speed up the time it takes for the body to heal. PRF is taken from your own body, eliminating the chances of rejection. It is a safe, proven method to shorten your wait times to get the dental implants you need.